Where can you find SWAG Magazine?
You can order directly from Holiday Media here.

You can help support us by asking your favorite magazine store to order SWAG Magazine or asking them to reorder if they run out.

SWAG is available at numerous independent bookstores, newsstands, comic shops, and Superstands serviced by Desert Moon. If you carry SWAG Magazine and would like to have your store listed on this page, please e-mail distro@SwagMag.com with your info. If you are a retail or online store and you do not carry SWAG Magazine yet, but you would like to, please contact J.R. Fesperman at (800)547-0182. Distribution Companies and major chain stores interested in stocking Swag Magazine should contact Steven Holiday.

SWAG is available at Hot Topic stores coast to coast, at Tower Records stores both in the US and internationally, at Virgin Megastores stores both in the US and internationally, and at Borders Books everywhere.