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Swag is the glossy new magazine about cool stuff for cool people. Swag is all about everything the successful rock stars, styling club kids, and all around artists and cool individuals want and need. Swag is about the rewards you deserve. Swag is about the rewards you will get. Swag is the style guide for the wild life.
SWAG Magazine Launch Party - March 28th
Join us for our Magazine Launch Party! Friday, March 28, we'll be celebrating at the Key Club, in Los Angeles, with My Ruin, Jade-blue Eclipse, and Fear Cult, live on stage. Plus, a special gallery show featuring the photographic works of Forrest Black and Amelia G downstairs in the VIP Plush room.

Many more details and tickets available here.

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The SWAG Magazine Team

Steven Holiday: Publishing visionary behind the leading popular spooky fashion magazine Gothic Beauty. With Steven's business acumen, Gothic Beauty is the fastest growing magazine in its demographic on the market today.

Amelia G: Editor and publisher behind the groundbreaking subcultural powerhouse Blue Blood Magazine. Amelia is an accomplished writer, editor, photographer, and cultural spokesperson. Amelia's writing has appeared in numerous award anthologies and she has edited dozens of projects ranging from books to magazine issues. With Forrest Black, her photography has been featured everywhere from Tattoo Savage to MTV.

Forrest Black: Art Director and Entertainment Editor for the seminal Blue Blood Magazine. Forrest is also a prolific alterna-culture and rock photographer as well as digital artist and webmaster. His website portfolio includes artist site development for Capitol Records, including John Lennon, Radiohead, The Beastie Boys, Everclear, The Dandy Warhols, The Beach Boys, and many more. In addition to music related projects Forrest has also done significant site development and content management work for Lexus, E-Trade, and other business leaders.